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Nov. 5th, 2010

You're sitting in your bedroom after dark and there's a rumbling sound from far off that you can't quite place... but it's getting louder.

It could just be the fridge - you've been meaning to have someone come and look at it anyway.

But it's really...

There's a creak of floorboards from the flat above me.

It could just be the owner walking into their kitchen.

But it's really...
A man is waiting outside the doors to the flats opposite. He's wearing a suit and talking on a mobile phone. Occasionally he looks up at the windows of the flats.

It Could Just Be: A man waiting to pick up his girlfriend.

But it's Really....

Introductory Post

This comm encourages writers to think outside the box. You are encouraged to take something everyday and comm up with an alternative reason behind it - this could lead to a story or fic idea, or just make life a bit more interesting.

So say for example I saw a man kissing a woman as he left the house one morning. I would then post:

A man steps out of a terraced house wearing a suit. He has red hair and is carrying a suitcase. A woman in an african print dress with brown long hair follows him out and they kiss before he gets into the car and drives away.

It could just be
: A husband kissing his wife goodbye on his way to work.

Then in the comments box I (and everyone else) can come up with much more interesting reasons;

But it is really: 2 undercover policemen watching the house next door.
But it is really: A man on his way to commit suicide after loosing his job and being unable to tell his wife.

You can be as outrageous and as detailed and off the wall as you like, you can create a whole plot with characters for it if you want. And you can post as many scenarios as you like (but one post for each scenario please) and feel free to link to any fics you create!

Sister Comm of: characteraday</lj>  and characteratplay</lj> 



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